A woman booking her COVID-19 test.

The COVID-19 outbreak has raised many questions that have been left unanswered. If you’ve been asking yourself how self-quarantine and social distancing works, Lake Urgent Care can help! 

Why Should We Self-Quarantine and Social Distance?

We are aiming to slow the spread, or “Flatten the Curve,” of COVID-19 as much as possible. The curve refers to the number of sick people compared to our healthcare system’s capacity to care for them. The best way we can slow the spread is by practicing social distancing and self-quarantining. As much as you can help it, you should stay home and away from the public. And when it is necessary to be out and about, it means staying six feet away from people. Join us as we practice our responsibility to self-quarantine and social distance!

You see, this strain of Coronavirus is extremely contagious and causes hospitalization for many victims. Unfortunately, it’s also very stealthy–an infected person might not show symptoms for up to two weeks. You may have the virus even if you feel healthy. If you’re not practicing social distancing, you are spreading this highly contagious disease while you go to the grocery store or pick up your morning iced coffee. 

How Does Self-Quarantine and Social Distancing Work?

Self-quarantining will not only help you stay healthy, but it will save lives. This virus started in China and spread worldwide in a matter of weeks. One person with the virus can result in millions infected—many of whom can’t recover. The good news is, you are far less likely to catch the virus if you stay home! And if you don’t ever catch it, you can’t pass it on to another person. 

Of course, our essential workers can’t self-quarantine as often. After all, we still need access to our daily medications and fresh groceries, and sometimes we have to venture out. Let’s help our neighbors who can’t quarantine stay healthy, too! The next best step you can take to protect other’s lives is social distancing. Remember to stay at least six feet away from another person. 

Why six feet? Studies of respiratory physiology conclude that keeping six feet of distance from another person puts you out of each other’s breathing zone. If you have the virus and you exhale within six feet of someone, they could inhale the droplets containing the virus that you have put into the breathing zone.

What Else Can We Do?

Wear cloth face covers when you have to go in public. With allergy season rearing its ugly head, many of us have surprise sneeze attacks and coughing fits. And if you have the virus but don’t know it yet, you’re spreading it through those droplets you release.

The Novel Coronavirus Is A Novel Situation

Pandemics are rare, so the modern world has never experienced something quite like this. The healthcare system simply can’t care for a large number of infected people at once. There aren’t enough hospital beds, medicine, masks, nurses, and doctors to treat this many patients. But, if we can do our part and slow the spread of COVID-19, fewer people will be sick at once. Social distancing works to save lives by giving our healthcare providers the time to treat the sick. However, everyone has to take part in it to work.

Virtual Visits And Rapid Testing

The team at Lake Urgent Care is working hard to help our community—and the world—healthy! You can learn the symptoms of COVID-19 here, and if you’re feeling sick, please schedule a virtual visit with us. We will determine if you meet the CDC’s criteria to receive rapid COVID-19 testing. Thank you for doing your part to protect others and help our healthcare providers. And remember, wash your hands!