Someone logging in to take a rapid test.

Rapid COVID-19 Molecular Test gives patients on-site results in as little as 5 minutes

Lake Urgent Care/Lake After Hours has been selected as one of the first urgent care operators in the country to offer Rapid COVID-19 Molecular Tests.  Administered on-site in the clinic, the new screening can identify patients with the COVID-19 virus in 5 to 13 minutes.

First, Schedule a Virtual Visit

Those people who believe they may have been exposed to the virus or are exhibiting symptoms can find out if they meet CDC criteria for Rapid COVID-19 testing by going to and selecting the red “Schedule a Virtual Visit” button in the middle of the page.  Anyone that qualifies for Rapid COVID-19 molecular testing during the “Virtual Visit” will be scheduled for same-day or next-day screening. Those tested for COVID-19 will know their results in minutes.

We’re Highly Trained

The new Rapid COVID-19 testing platform is an extension of the same Abbott ID NOW screening system currently used to diagnose patients for the flu and strep throat at Lake Urgent Care/Lake After Hours clinics.

Lake Urgent Care/Lake After Hours will continue to deliver the highest level of service and care during this unprecedented health event. That includes COVID-19 rapid testing and, as always, care for non-life-threatening injuries and illness. 

Watch for COVID-19 Symptoms

If you or a loved one feel you are showing symptoms (Cough, Fever, Shortness of Breath) consistent with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please stay home and schedule a “Virtual Visit”. With Virtual Visits, you can be examined by a highly trained clinician from anywhere using your home computer, laptop or mobile device. As with any illness, please call 911 if you feel you are in any type of respiratory distress.