Teenage boy and mature man on sunny day on mountain ridge

One of the most popular activities in the summertime is camping. Mountains and national parks see tons of tourists this time of year who want to enjoy nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, there are some things to keep in mind when camping to ensure that you come back feeling relaxed and refreshed, and we at Lake Urgent Care have put them together for you.

Take The Proper Precautions

If you’re camping overnight and plan to cook over a fire, be sure to take all the proper precautions. Changing wind directions, logs shifting and falling over, or the cook being distracted by something can all lead to a burn injury. You can help avoid this by making sure the fire is contained, such as surrounding it with stones, wearing gloves or protective gear when handling hot pans, and using proper tools to cook with.

Don’t Get to Buzzzzy to Spray!

Check if the area you’re traveling to has large amounts of bugs in the summer. If so, you will want to pack good insect repellent to keep them away from you as you hike. Although some bugs may just annoy you with their buzzing, many of them can carry diseases, such as ticks, mosquitoes, and more. Spider bites can also cause discomfort or even serious harm, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the insects commonly seen in the area you’re going to.

Pack Your First-Aid Extras

Although no one goes on a camping trip expecting to get sick, it’s a good idea to be prepared just in case. Water purifying tablets are essential, even if you think the rivers or lakes you plan to collect water from are clean. Also making sure you have ibuprofen, sunscreen, band-aids, disinfectant spray, and other common medications are always a good idea to bring along, even if you don’t think anything will happen. Remember the Boy Scout motto- Be Prepared.

Lake Urgent Care is Here For Your Post-Adventure Bumps & Bruises

As always, Lake Urgent Care is here to help you take care of any bumps and bruises you may receive during your camping or hiking trip. We handle a variety of minor illnesses and injuries, such as lacerations, sprains, colds, a variety of infections, and more. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can save time by checking in online. To learn more about us, explore our website.